Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fixated on a pattern

That's what I call it. One of the lovely Estonian lace stitches, probably in my top 3 fave, as it's not that complicated so I can work it without constantly checking the chart. And when I like something, I repeat it. This time, three times. First, in kidsilk (love the yarn!)

This makes a great wedding shawl. And for those who'd prefer a less luxurious version I made two more in a blend of mohair and polyamide.

The first one is in greyish pink or pinkish grey or actually a color I cannot really name, but it's pretty. The other is white. The kidsilk version can be ordered (also in other colors) and the other two are ready to be shipped. Check for details.

There is one more bridal shawl I'd like to show you. Also kidsilk, also Estonian lace pattern. I'm sorry about the quality of the photos, but I was working on a tight schedule and had to ship it off asap, so I couldn't wait for a better light. Excuse the flash and slightly distorted color (it's the same off-white as in the first shawl above).

I liked the result so much that I listed it in the "made to order" section in my shop. It's possible to order it in other colors, if you're interested.

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