Sunday, August 14, 2011

Special alert! PolEtsy is having a giveaway

I'm happy to inform that I and 15 fellow Etsians are giving away items from our shops. We prepared a special collection, and one lucky winner will GET IT ALL FOR FREE!

To enter this lottery, just click on title in the above picture (POLETSY GIVEAWAY) and leave your comment under the treasury. You have to be logged in to Etsy.

Make sure you visit all the shops presented - there are lots of special offers accompanying our lottery.

Good luck!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finding purpose for leftover yarn

I have a whole box of part-skeins of yarn I used for larger projects. Normally I'd use them to knit some sort of slippers, but this time somehow I don't feel like it. So I'm knitting wristwarmers (my favorite thing to wear on cold days:)) and... jewelry? Well, accessories, for sure:) They are simple loops knitted from bamboo yarn and you can wear them any way you like. They can be a necklace, bracelet, headband, belt - anything.

These items were inspired by izuss1's sev[en]circle - it's amazing, how something so simple can spice up your outfit:)

Both are available here:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two triangles

Hello dear Readers!

I have a few new shawls to show you - including Estonian lace, of course:) But I'll leave the lace for later; today I'm going to show you two very simple triangles. Something I call "lazy knits":)

Number 1: summer triangle with lacy edging. Unisex. (Hmm..., I don't really like that word, so let's call it "suitable for boys and girls". Or should I say "men and women"?;)). The yarn I used is a blend of cotton and acrylic - light and nice. It wears great from spring till late fall. I wouldn't recommend it for winter, although that pretty much depends on where you spend it:) Anyway, here it is:

This shawl is available for sale here:

Number 2: a triangle, made with a man in mind. Not a particular man, but just any guy. Hence it's simplicity in form (absolutely NO LACE) mixed with - I believe - some interesting twists in color. Navy blue with a bit of green and brown (or turquoise and caramel;)). And something grayish:) Wool with nylon. This one is not recommended for summer - it will be too warm.

It will be available here soon.

Thanks for reading, come back soon. After all, I do have some lace to show:)