Thursday, March 5, 2015

New shawls, new pattern

(removed part about a sale that is now over:))

On to the latest additions: a lesson in patience, one of my favourite Estonian lace patterns. And some fine Italian merino wool.

Very soft, very delicate, easy to drape. And the color is just gorgeous: antique rose, very flattering. A truly luxurious shawl:) Plus, it's great to wear, I have one in dark grey and it's definitely my favorite stole for official occasions, but I also wear it as a scarf with a more casual outfit.

There is also something blue; my own design (the pattern will be published soon). Big, cozy, lacy, with mohair.

As for current projects: well, I've just started another luxurious shawl, in a great lacy pattern with nupps. With yarn ever finer than the antique rose one. So it will definitely take some time to finish. Guess I'm enjoying practicing patience:)