Monday, July 5, 2010

Lime and plum

Summer's here, so it's time for something light and colorful. Two new shawls in "fruity" colors. Both perfect for summer evenings.

For the lime one I used 4 skeins of YarnArt Kid Mohair and needles no 3.5. I thought that something so light needs another Estonian lace pattern, so I took Haapsalu Sall and found this:

Perfect, isn't it?:)
And the finished shawl looks like that:

In reality, the color is brighter than in the photos.

The other shawl is plum purple. I used 4 skeins of YarnArt Fonseca, needles no 3.5, and the "Ostrich Plumes" pattern from The Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

This pattern is perfect for shawls, and definitely the one I'll put into the "football" (or "soccer") category. You know, something you can use when watching the match on TV:)

The World Cup ain't over yet, so I'm knitting two more shawls like that - only one with a much thinner yarn, and the other on a bit bigger needles. The results: coming up soon:)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post-May update part 2

Turned out tomorrow means almost a month. Well, I promise not to make any more promises:) Anyway, here are the other May shawls:

First: lillygreen shawl. I used ca. 1.5 skein of YarnArt Angora de Luxe Color, needles no. 4. Pattern from Haapsalu Sall.

 I absolutely love the yarn! There are at least three more colors (or rather color mixes) I'm planning to get.

The other one is something I improvised out of necessity - you know, it's the World Cup so I needed something that won't require looking at needles and counting. The result: grey simplicity shawl. The yarn I used is Angora RAM, it took a little over 1.5 skein, needles no.4.

It's my favorite shade of gray - very light, elegant and classy. And the shawl itself is very soft and cosy. I've already made an identical one, only in blue with a tint of lilac. I'll show it as soon as I take the pictures:)