Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back to knitting triangles

Oh, how I missed it! The excitement of rapidly growing shawl in the beginning and the disbelief of how the speed of growing slows with every new row... One final row takes as much time as the first 10 inches of the whole thing:)

But I really love it. Especially the moment when you cast off and then wash and block the triangle. Only then does the lacy pattern come to life. And only then you see the full awesomeness (that's my favorite word recently:)) of what you've just knitted:)

Anyway, here's the latest addition to my Etsy shop: a winter shawl with lacy edging. Pastel colors, various shades of pink, green and beige. Blend of wool and acrylic.

I've already started knitting another one, this time from something lighter with 60% of mohair (but also very soft and delicate). Here's the teaser:

I want to finish it asap and add it to the shop, so you can buy it before the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales end. Because I am having a special sale: 10, 20, 30% off, reduced shipping costs, and with every purchase -  a 10% discount coupon on a future order. New knits are not discounted, but you still get reduced shipping and a coupon. The shop is full of great Christmas gifts, so check it out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cowl-mania continues

It seems like all I've been knitting recently are scarf substitutes:) Whatever you call them - cowls, neckwarmers or hoods - here they are:


And since I'm a bit tired of this monotony, I've started knitting a new shawl. My favorite alpaca with virgin wool and acrylic will soon become another light and lacy something:) Here's the teaser:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Gift ideas and a small sale

I've been knitting like crazy recently - and I'm not complaining:) But as Christmas is approaching, I put my needles away for a while, and decided to search Etsy for some gorgeous items from other Polish artists. Not an easy task, as there are so many of them:)
This is the treasury I came up with. Have a look, maybe you'll find a perfect gift for your loved ones.

A small announcement from my own shop: there's a weekend sale (Nov 5-7), all cowls are 20% off.
(And there will be more pre-holiday sales, and more items added soon)