Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Shawl into poncho in just a few minutes

Remember the Faux Granny Shawl? Since summer ponchos are in I've decided to turn it into one. Just like this:)

It's quick, simple, and not permanent, so you can go back to a regular shawl if you want to. All you need is two pieces of string (or ribbon). I used crocheted chains, turning the project from "in just a few minutes" to "in under an hour" (I'm a quick knitted, crocheting is another thing;)). 

The strings are used to form the arm seams, they are tied at the desired length, puckering the "sleeve" as much as you wish.

(BTW, you can do that with every knitted triangle shawl, as long as they have the eyelets in the middle and on the edges)

And it goes like this:

Start with the middle of the shawl. Weave the string on both sides of the "spine". You don't have to go through every eyelet, just see what looks best with your shawl (some yarns may turn too bulky for that).

Then tie the string to regulate the length of the "sleeve".

Now you need to make the other "sleeve". Use the string to lace up the edges. Remember to leave enough room for your head! ;)

Then repeat the "tie to regulate the length" part. You can lace up the whole length (apart from the neckline, of course), or you can leave the very end split.

This photo shows the poncho "sleeves" - formed in the middle of the shawl (on the left), and laced up (on the right).

And that's it, the Faux Granny Poncho is ready:)

The Faux Grannies from these photos are available for sale at - with strings (not) attached:)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer knitwear - oh, yes!

Some people think that knitting is mostly an autumn/winter thing. They hear "knit" and see hats and sweaters that are there to keep us from cold. But that is so not true! There are so many gorgeous summer yarns that just wink at you from the store shelf as if saying: "Pick me! Pick me! I can be your next top/dress/shawl! Pick me, I'm sooo pretty!"

Well, I picked:) It was Alize Miss Batik, mixing my favorite summer colors: shades of blue and bright lime green. The yarn is very thin (280 m/50 g skein), so I went with my favorite summer design - the Faux Granny Shawl. The result is this:

This scarf was made with only one skein on size 3 needles (US2.5). It's light, breezy, a bit shiny and perfect with a t-shirt on a nice summer day. 

And it is for sale:

If you'd like to make a similar shawl yourself, the pattern is available here:
Faux Granny Shawl on Etsy
Faux Granny Shawl on Ravelry

 Happy summer knitting!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New shawls, new pattern

(removed part about a sale that is now over:))

On to the latest additions: a lesson in patience, one of my favourite Estonian lace patterns. And some fine Italian merino wool.

Very soft, very delicate, easy to drape. And the color is just gorgeous: antique rose, very flattering. A truly luxurious shawl:) Plus, it's great to wear, I have one in dark grey and it's definitely my favorite stole for official occasions, but I also wear it as a scarf with a more casual outfit.

There is also something blue; my own design (the pattern will be published soon). Big, cozy, lacy, with mohair.

As for current projects: well, I've just started another luxurious shawl, in a great lacy pattern with nupps. With yarn ever finer than the antique rose one. So it will definitely take some time to finish. Guess I'm enjoying practicing patience:)