Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Presenting two new scarves

Number one: a lacy scarf knitted from a blend of alpaca, virgin wool and acrylic. Awesome yarn, very delicate, soft and fun to work with.
And not that I want to brag, but I think the scarf turned out awesome, too:)

Scarf number 2 is a winter one. Deep gray, almost black, not very wide and not very long. But definitely very warm.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work(s) in progress

The most important project I'm working on now is this:

Doesn't look like much yet, but when it's blocked, it will be great. And it doesn't represent the real color too well - the photo was taken in bad light. It's the gray yarn from my last post - a light and natural shade of gray.

But before I started that, I just had to try other yarns I got on Monday:) This is wool with acrylic that in about one skein will become a man scarf. Great yarn, very easy to work with. And a quick knit:)

And this one is going to be a high cowl, working as a hoodie on demand. Someone will be able to pull it over their head when it's cold:)

And now, back to knitting:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love buying new yarns! Especially when I get samples of other products (but honestly, who doesn't like that?).This time I went both light and heavy.

Light is for lace shawls. It's a blend of alpaca, virgin wool and acrylic - a fantastic yarn, great to work with, and great to wear. I've already used it for a project (this shawl, to be specific), so I know, that I'm in for a lot of fun:)
The colors I got are natural, one a bit beige and one a bit gray. Love them both. The gray one is already cast on - I'm knitting a lace scarf, my first order via Etsy. Yay!

The heavies are for winter items. I have a deep gray, almost black wool&acrylic blend for a man scarf, and olive green mohair/acrylic for a cowl. The first one is a bit bulky, which is fun, as it means it will be a quick project (well, I already have half of it:)). The other is a different color of yarn I used for this and one other thing I haven't photographed yet.

Photos of what I'm making - coming up soon:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New background for new season

It's cold and wet here, and though I know it's still two weeks till proper autumn, I'm doing some voodoo here. When it comes, may it be like the autumn from the new background, not like the last days of summer I'm watching outside:)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Straight from the needles and the blocking board

OK, so I don't have a blocking "board", I just use my mattress. Which is about 2 meters long, so blocking things that are longer (and there will be more such things now, as the season for scarves is coming) tends to be rather difficult. But I managed somehow.

And the result is:

100% merino lace shawl in gorgeous cobalt blue color. This is the thinnest and softest yarn I've ever worked with. The shawl is incredibly light, and it can be worn with everything.

The color looks stunning with black jacket.

Well, this is not exactly a black jacket, but you can see how the dark background brings out the blue:)
 I used needles no 3.25 (KnitPro - love them), and two skeins of Merinos fine from ISPE.

The one straight from the needles is a quick and simple cowl:

Last week the weather in Lodz was terrible - cold, wet and unpleasant (and it's just early September!). So I dug into my yarn stash and found a lonely skein of wool/mohair/acrylic blend in a lovely washed-out green color. One skein is not enough for a decent scarf, but it's plenty for a decent neck warmer.

I wanted to make it light and a bit puffy, so I went for this special stitch (the name of which I do not know:) But I remember it's the first "fancy" stitch I learned when I was a kid. I haven't used in a while, but since it looks so great, I'm already using it for another cowl:)

Both the shawl and the cowl are available at my Etsy store here: