Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love buying new yarns! Especially when I get samples of other products (but honestly, who doesn't like that?).This time I went both light and heavy.

Light is for lace shawls. It's a blend of alpaca, virgin wool and acrylic - a fantastic yarn, great to work with, and great to wear. I've already used it for a project (this shawl, to be specific), so I know, that I'm in for a lot of fun:)
The colors I got are natural, one a bit beige and one a bit gray. Love them both. The gray one is already cast on - I'm knitting a lace scarf, my first order via Etsy. Yay!

The heavies are for winter items. I have a deep gray, almost black wool&acrylic blend for a man scarf, and olive green mohair/acrylic for a cowl. The first one is a bit bulky, which is fun, as it means it will be a quick project (well, I already have half of it:)). The other is a different color of yarn I used for this and one other thing I haven't photographed yet.

Photos of what I'm making - coming up soon:)

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