Monday, December 15, 2014

Shimmering scarves - seasonal specials:)

OK, so it's almost winter, Christmas just around the corner - time to bring that festive shimmering to your wardrobe. I usually go with greys, but this year I've opted for more seasonal colors: red and green. And I went for things I like most - a big cozy scarf, a ruffled wrap and one more simplicity triangle shawl.

Now, I just love this one. It's big, cozy, structured, shimmering and gorgeously green. Too bad my camera just won't catch the color right. It's emerald. Deep juicy emerald. A tricky color, even the producer's photo on their website is off.

The other color photographs much better - it's amaranth red. Also with a shimmering yarn. I used it to make two items: a Simplicity scarf and a Fiver (both my own designs).

Simplicity is a triangle scarf with lace edging, you've seen a few of those here. It's great for winter to keep your neck warm and look stylish. I also wear it indoors, on the shoulders, it works great in cooler rooms.

Fiver is probably my favorite winter shawl - it's easy to knit (I promise I'll write the pattern down one day), easy to drape, feminine and just a bit different than ordinary shawls and scarves.

So these are the latest additions to the shop, but I have other fivers there, too. This one is slightly larger, the same yarn, but a different color - ecru.

And this one is made from different yarn, without the shimmer, but it has a few rows of beads added:)

That's quite an update, right? I feel a bit excused for being so quiet for such a long time:) Oh, one more thing - I'm running a Xmas sale in the shop. Enjoy!:)