Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post-May update part 2

Turned out tomorrow means almost a month. Well, I promise not to make any more promises:) Anyway, here are the other May shawls:

First: lillygreen shawl. I used ca. 1.5 skein of YarnArt Angora de Luxe Color, needles no. 4. Pattern from Haapsalu Sall.

 I absolutely love the yarn! There are at least three more colors (or rather color mixes) I'm planning to get.

The other one is something I improvised out of necessity - you know, it's the World Cup so I needed something that won't require looking at needles and counting. The result: grey simplicity shawl. The yarn I used is Angora RAM, it took a little over 1.5 skein, needles no.4.

It's my favorite shade of gray - very light, elegant and classy. And the shawl itself is very soft and cosy. I've already made an identical one, only in blue with a tint of lilac. I'll show it as soon as I take the pictures:)

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