Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two triangles

Hello dear Readers!

I have a few new shawls to show you - including Estonian lace, of course:) But I'll leave the lace for later; today I'm going to show you two very simple triangles. Something I call "lazy knits":)

Number 1: summer triangle with lacy edging. Unisex. (Hmm..., I don't really like that word, so let's call it "suitable for boys and girls". Or should I say "men and women"?;)). The yarn I used is a blend of cotton and acrylic - light and nice. It wears great from spring till late fall. I wouldn't recommend it for winter, although that pretty much depends on where you spend it:) Anyway, here it is:

This shawl is available for sale here:

Number 2: a triangle, made with a man in mind. Not a particular man, but just any guy. Hence it's simplicity in form (absolutely NO LACE) mixed with - I believe - some interesting twists in color. Navy blue with a bit of green and brown (or turquoise and caramel;)). And something grayish:) Wool with nylon. This one is not recommended for summer - it will be too warm.

It will be available here soon.

Thanks for reading, come back soon. After all, I do have some lace to show:)

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