Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm back!

Well, to tell you the truth I wasn't really away, I just had to take some rest from knitting and writing (not that I write that much;)). Having knitted some thing that needed to be knitted, I just had to put the needles down. There is a fine line between love and hate:)

Anyway, I'm back and knitting now. There'll be one more item for the store: a black lace shawl knitted from a very thin yarn (with 50% mohair) that sparkles! Thank you, shiny poly-something:)

And then, I'm finally making something for myself! Actually, I've already started it. It's a jumper, which is not exactly my favorite thing to knit, so I hope nothing distracts me and I finish it before summer arrives. You probably don't know it, but my personal record for finishing a (very simple) project is now 27 months and counting:) Need proof? It's on my Ravelry page. Good news, the knitting on that one is finally done, all that's left is putting it all together.So it shouldn't take too long now:)

To leave you with some photos, here's something I finished before Christmas. It's available at my Etsy store. Yarn: alpaca, wool and acrylic, very delicate; needles: 3.5; pattern: Estonian lace stitch from Haapsalu Sall.

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