Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Busier than a beaver in a coffee lake

I have no idea who said the above words, but they describe my reality perfectly:) I've been working like crazy recently - but I'm happy with that. When you do what you love there is no other way:)

Before I show you my latest project, here's a quick update from the shop:
First of all I'm celebrating the Valentine's Day with a special sale

15% off with coupon code: VALENTINE

If you have never used coupon codes, have a look at this article: http://www.etsy.com/help/article/350 - it tells you how coupons work and how to use them.

Wait, there's more!

February 14 - March 14 
is the month of 
free worldwide shipping at KnitsDeLuxe!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

OK, now on to the new knits:)

First of all, let me show you a shawl I knitted with one of my favorite type of yarns: kidsilk. It's a gorgeous and luxurious blend of kid mohair (75%) and silk (25%). It looks very elegant and sophisticated; the finished product has a delicate silky shine and shows a subtle halo effect. I love this yarn, it's like a cloud, or whipped cream, - soft, delicate and light as a feather.

My next project is a scarf knitted with another gorgeous blend: alpaca, cashmere and silk. The yarn is hand painted, there are lots of colors available. The scarf is a modified version of the zig-zag shawl and is available as a made-to-order item in my shop.

Last, but not least: back to my two favorites: kidsilk and Queen of the Forest.

I've decided to offer a luxury version of the shawl, again, as a made-to-order item. So if you want a luxurious shawl with leaf pattern, and in the color of your choice, have a look at this listing: http://www.etsy.com/listing/92974189/kidsilk-lace-shawl-triangular-hand

Plus, I'm currently finishing the same shawl but from an even more luxurious yarn (alpaca and silk), and that version will also be available on demand very soon.

That's it for now:) Back to work, back to celebrating:)

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