Thursday, October 7, 2010

Olive-green cowl

I've been knitting cowls like a maniac recently:) This one was made to order, so it's a bit wider than usual. Knitted from a blend of mohair with acrylic, ribbed (so it stretches).

Perfect for hat-haters - you just wear it around your neck, and when your head freezes, you pull it over like a hood.

All my cowls are seamless - there is no thick stitch on the side. And I knit them around the neck, not from the bottom up:) So how come they're seamless? Well, being the lazy gal I am, I just knit a rectangle from a provisional cast-on, and then, when the whole thing is long enough, I grab a needle and join both ends using the Kitchener stitch. Just like that:

It's actually easier than it looks, but I need to be extra careful to lead the needle the right way. Otherwise, it won't look as seamless as it should:)

I have two more cowls to show, but for now, this one will have to do. And soon I'll be able to show a new lace scarf (I'm finishing it off right now). Plus, there is one more thing from this olive-green mohair: an infinity scarf. I'd love to say I'm finishing that one too, but since it's infinity, it might actually take a while:)

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