Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two ostrich plumes

I knitted these when the World Cup was still on - they're part of my "knit while watching the game" project:)

Both were knitted using the ostrich plumes pattern. The first is kid mohair with some polyamid. I love its blue color:

I don't have words to describe the other one. Or to be more specific: I don't have words to describe its color. I've been running around with camera to catch that perfect shot that would show how beautiful it is, but somehow it always looks a bit washed out. It was supposed to be turquoise, but for me it's rather emerald. Deep and intensive. I love it.

And I totally love how light and soft it is. The yarn I used is a blend of alpaca, virgin wool and acrylic.It's definitely the thinnest thing I've ever knitted.

Both stoles (as well as other items I've shown before) are available at my Etsy store here. Check it out!

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